William Trevithick

Bak’D HotBread Yamba

Freshly-Updated Books and Fresh-Baked Bread: How Catch-Up Bookkeeping Changed the Game for Bak’D HotBread Yamba

Bak’D HotBread is a very well-loved family owned and operated shop in Yamba NSW. They draw sizeable crowds every day of the week thanks to their award-winning breads including fragrant, chewy traditional sourdoughs. They’ve also always got a full menu stacked with delicious pies and pastries as well as other sweet treats like cake by the slice. But perhaps most famous is their talk-of-the-town lunch menu that’s got sandwiches, wraps, and salad pots to please all.

As a family-owned operation and a list of to-do’s a mile long, William Trevithick, owner of Bak’D HotBread found himself with little time left for bookkeeping. And, with a suspicion that his accounting fees were too high, he started looking for other options.

Recently, we got an opportunity to chat with William about his switch to Visory and how our bookkeeping services have helped them get back on track.

Thanks for the time, William! We’d first like to ask, what was it that first gave you the idea that you were in the right place with Visory?

Well, small businesses bore an outsized burden during the pandemic. As a small business owner, I was responsible for ensuring that my staff was taken care of as well as implementing the proper safety precautions for our customers. On top of that, it was a massive undertaking to make sure that we had enough cashflow to stay in business. Ultimately, something had to give, and in our case, that something was accounting.

You were working with another accountant, correct? What about the experience with them left you wanting more?

Yes, that’s correct. Working with an accountant previously, we were required to manage the back office ourselves, which led to rework come end of year. Whilst working with our accountant, we realised a need a full-service approach to help us get back on track and set up for continued and future success.

When we kicked off with Visory, we experienced an immediate difference. Not only did Visory help us catch up on our lapsed six months, they really invested the time and resources to help us dig into our processes and make meaningful upgrades that changed the way we run our back office for the better. Also, the work they did on our chart of accounts (CoA) helped us and our accountant get real visibility into the financial health of our business and allowed us to put plans in place to make real improvements over time.

That’s great! Can you tell us a little more about how your process has changed since you started working with Visory?

Sure thing. Before Visory, we had support from our accountant who guided us with the information available, but no one to really get a big-picture look at our full process and recommend holistic updates. When we started working with Visory, my full team of financial experts really took the time to understand our historical finances, the process we did have in place, and our goals for the future.

Because my team had such a complete understanding of Bak’D HotBread, they were able to generate insights and reporting that are easy for me and my team to understand and that make a real difference in how I run my business.

Has working with Visory changed your plans for the future?

Yes. For the better. Visory has helped me to set up a full framework for a more efficient business. As a small business owner, that means the world to me and my future plans. Knowing that my business is primed and ready to grow and scale (or at least make up for the pandemic losses) is a real game changer for me and my family. It means that we can confidently invest, knowing that we have the resources—and more importantly, safety net—to continue to grow and make Bak’D HotBread a place for the neighborhood to come get a great bite to eat.

Last question! Would you recommend Visory?

The whole Bak’D HotBread team is in agreement: yes. Visory’s services are so worth the investment—one that has paid off many times over. Before Visory, the future of our business was uncertain. Now, we’re confident in a fruitful and happy future.

William Trevithick

Bak’D HotBread Yamba

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