Kathryn Harvey

Burchy’s Meats

The Meat of the Matter: How Bookkeeping helped a local butcher become a cut above the rest

Once a throwback to simpler times, specialty butcher shops are making a bit of a comeback. Today, consumers prioritise quality over quantity and get the best recommendation from a master of their craft. Burchy’s Meats has been providing quality cuts to Victoria residents for years. With a focus on premier proteins and customer service, Victoria residents know where to go when they want something special for their next barbeque. While the many butchers have no problem maintaining the front of the house, it’s the back of the house, specifically the back office, where many establishments, like Burchy’s Meats, can use some help.

We recently took some time to chew the fat with Kathryn Harvey, owner of Burchy’s Meats Ltd., and discussed how Visory’s bookkeeping services have helped them solve their back-office challenges.

Thank you for taking the time to speak with us. Let’s start with the easy questions. Can you introduce yourself and describe your role with Burchy’s Meats?

Thank you, and it is my pleasure! I’m Kathryn Harvey, owner of Burchy’s Meats Pty Ltd. Besides being the owner my day to day consists of many of the administrative duties required to run the company.

How did you hear about Visory, and what sold you on our bookkeeping services?

We first heard about Visory through our accountant at Findex. We were looking for an online bookkeeping firm that offered a complete service and up to date reporting. We realise how important it is to have timely and accurate internal financial reports to see how our business is currently performing and where we can improve.

Did you use a bookkeeper previously? If so, why did you switch to Visory? Not like we aren’t chuffed.

We used a combination of bookkeeping software and a dedicated bookkeeper. However, we weren’t pleased with the accuracy. After that experience, we realised we might have to dedicate a bit more resources to get the reports we needed.

Initially, we felt Visory was quite expensive than our original bookkeeper and other smaller bookkeeping services in Australia. However, after seeing the results, we are happy to pay to fully understand what accurate and professional bookkeeping service provides. I suppose you really do get what you pay for.

Now that you have had some time using Visory’s services and platform, what would you say impressed you the most?

We have been most impressed with the up-to-date reporting and the very comprehensive approach to bookkeeping. We weren’t really getting that before, so diving into the reports and having an internal finance team to guide us has been fantastic.

How did Visory help solve some of your challenges?

Overall, Visory has saved us heaps of time on administrative tasks and a lot of guesswork on our end. We don’t wonder if the numbers are accurate or filling out the financial paperwork correctly. The Visory team has also simplified and streamlined our accounts, allowing us to begin planning for the future with greater accuracy. During tax planning, Visory has been invaluable. I have confidence that everything will get filed accurately, which has saved us all a lot of stress.

Personally, the Visory team has made my administrative duties less time-consuming and has removed a lot of the worry and uncertainty out of the paperwork process. I feel I have more time to focus on running my business instead of being bogged down by paperwork, which is necessary but diverted my attention.

We are delighted that we could help you so much. If you could summarise Visory in one sentence, what would you say?

Visory is a very professional and comprehensive bookkeeping service.

Last question. Would you recommend Visory’s bookkeeping service?

Absolutely. All of us at Burchy’s Meat have been extremely pleased.

Kathryn Harvey

Burchy’s Meats

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