Lindsay Davidson

Godfrey’s Chartered Loss Adjusters

Loss Adjusters Experience Big Bookkeeping Gains: An Interview with Godfrey’s

Godfrey’s Chartered Loss Adjusters is renowned throughout Australia for seamlessly handling complex and oversized commercial insurance claims. They are also the go-to organisation for project managing uninsured or below-excess losses for companies that choose to be self insured.

With expertise in a wide range of industries from agriculture, transport, and infrastructure to marine, film, technology, and more, Godfrey’s makes good on their commitment to bringing empathetic, people-first experts to every single claim. As an organisation that truly sticks to its values and prioritises a high-touch service experience, they expected and were seeking value alignment with all vendors and partners, including their financial back office services provider.

Although Godfrey’s partnership with their previous bookkeeping partner worked okay to start, with high staff turnaround and a lot of manual processes to manage, they started looking for options and found Visory’s seamless process paired with a team of financial professionals to be their ideal solution.

We appreciate you taking the time to chat with us today. Can you first tell us about why you sought to change up your back office financial service provider?

In truth, no one ever dreams of the day they need to reach out to Godfrey’s to handle a large commercial insurance claim. That’s why our core values are our north star: when we’re able to give our clients a high level of care and attention to detail while helping them navigate an incredibly complex situation, we can help alleviate their stress and generate a better outcome for all. That, to us, is what it’s all about.

So when we started feeling misalignment when it came to our partnership with our financial back office service provider, we knew we needed to make a change.

What, specifically, drew you to Visory from the outset?

One of the very first things I noticed about Visory was my full financial team’s commitment to knowing the Godfrey’s business inside and out. My professional services bookkeeping team really dedicated the time and resources to understanding the ins and outs of our complicated, nuanced process. The way the full team has generated a fluency of the Godfrey’s business is impressive, and something that we were missing with our previous bookkeeping partner.

Ultimately, this means that when we receive our reporting and insights from our financial team, they’re super relevant to our business growth, help us pinpoint areas of opportunity, and are productive and actionable.

You said an old, manual process was one of the reasons you split with your old partners. Has the Visory process been the difference you’ve been looking for?

Absolutely. With our old partners, we experienced a lot of manual processes that felt fragmented among several different systems. Visory really took the time to dig deep into what we had in place before they helped us pull them all together into one streamlined process.

The Visory platform is very easy to use and the Visory financial team is always standing by for support. Additionally, it’s super easy to add members of the Godfrey’s team to the platform so there’s a high level of visibility for all stakeholders.

What has been the one thing you’ve been most pleased with in your partnership with Visory?

It’s so important that no information falls through the cracks. This has historically been an issue when it comes to our financial back office. Every member of the Visory team is very detail oriented and makes sure every detail is always accounted for. In the long run, this will make all the difference for us.

Last question: would you recommend Visory?

We absolutely would recommend Visory. Visory’s methodical approach to onboarding, streamlined process, transparent communication, and high level of attention to detail has combined to create an experience that the full team at Godfrey’s would be confident recommending to anyone.

Lindsay Davidson

Godfrey’s Chartered Loss Adjusters

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