Hire a Virtual CFO

7 Signs It’s Time to Hire a Virtual CFO

As your organisation grows, so does the complexity of your accounting needs. Your bookkeeping spreadsheets will give way to complicated balance sheets and accounts receivable reports. A Chief Financial Officer (CFO) doesn’t handle day-to-day reporting, but they can use your reports to develop an overall strategy and look for growth opportunities. 

A virtual CFO works off-site. They can help you manage costs, look for ways to bring in new business, and analyse financial strengths and weaknesses. And a virtual CFO does it all without needing to be a full-time employee. You can benefit from a CFO’s knowledge at a fraction of the cost when you go virtual. 

7 Signs Your Business Needs to Hire a Virtual CFO

Are you ready to bring a CFO on board? Here are some signs you’re ready to hire a virtual CFO part-time. 

1. Your business is growing quickly

Your business is growing quickly – and faster than you anticipated. Your bookkeeper is there to help you process payroll and manage your bank reconciliations, but what about strategy? A CFO can analyse your industry and make recommendations about how quickly to scale and when to hire new employees. A fast-growing business needs someone to head up the financial department. You can do this more affordably by using a part-time CFO who calls in via video conference when you need a face-to-face.

2. Your financial needs are changing

If your finances are becoming more complex and time consuming, you need additional financial insight. A CFO can figure out where you might be wasting money, savvy ways to grow the company’s value, and more. As your needs change, a virtual CFO can be there on an as-needed basis to hold your hand and offer meaningful advice. 

3. You lack detailed financial knowledge

Let’s be honest. You know your products and services like the back of your hand. How to track cash flow? You’re not an expert. Luckily, you don’t have to be. A virtual CFO will have a level of expertise that surpasses yours. With their assistance, you can make more confident decisions, especially about the big picture of your organisation’s finances. 

4. You Want to Improve the ROI of Your Bookkeeping Efforts

If you’ve already been staying current with your bookkeeping, but you need help identifying opportunities in your financial records, a virtual CFO can help. Many businesses could benefit from hiring a virtual CFO to identify growth opportunities to maximise profits and find new revenue sources.

5. You want to outsource and automate

Financial processes can be more efficient with outside help. If you know you’re ready to outsource some of your essential tasks, starting with a CFO is a good idea. Once your new financial expert tells you where you can cut costs and where you should spend, you’ll have a better idea of what else could be outsourced. 

Your CFO can also help you streamline processes, including automated reports. Did you know many accounting programs can automatically pull data from your business’ banking account every month? Your CFO will sort it out for you. 

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6. You want to maximise your CFO ROI

When you hire a virtual CFO, you’re getting all the expertise of a seasoned executive without the hefty price tag. Your virtual CFO will have access to a broad network of investors, executives and other useful connections. All of this without having to clear out an office in your building.

Your return on investment, or ROI, can be significantly higher when you go virtual. Many virtual CFOs are willing to operate on a more flexible, part-time basis, and you don’t have to provide the same full-time benefits or equipment that you typically do with permanent employees. 

7. You need improved financial reporting

Accurate documents are necessary to keep your finances in the black. Accounts payable reports, bank account reconciliations, and your general ledger are difficult to juggle. If one of them hits the floor, so could your strategy. If your current reporting schedule is a little helter skelter, your new CFO can transform your financial processes. While your bookkeeper will implement new processes, your CFO can help do everything from vetting accounting software to analysing reports. 

Is it time to explore virtual employees? An off-site CFO and online bookkeeping both help you make your accounting department more efficient. The return on investment is impressive. Visory’s bookkeeping service can set you up for success, by keeping your finances organised so that a virtual CFO can have an impact right away.