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Consistency Is the Key for Franchise Network Success

To quote a figurehead of strong business behaviours, Khloe Kardashian recently stated, “It’s all about consistency.” I couldn’t agree more. Looking across the franchise landscape, consistency is a theme that runs through many of the largest and highest performing networks. Strong branding controls, templated processes, and precise methods of execution allow franchise groups to control […]

Can Bookkeepers Lodge Tax Returns?

To many people, bookkeeper and accountant basically mean the same thing. They get mixed up on who should do what. But the two terms differ significantly in many areas, despite some overlaps here and there.  To answer the above vital question, we have to look at the different roles each handles, their educational qualifications, and […]

10 Tips on Bookkeeping for Tradies

Big corporations, may have in-house accountants to help them do their financial calculations. As a tradie, you might not have one.  Being a tradie does not excuse you from having crisp financial records and a clear financial understanding. Instead of investing hours upon hours learning small business accounting, which probably drives you crazy, you can […]

How Do Bookkeeping Services Help Small Businesses?

Bookkeeping is a vital process that helps business owners track financial records accurately. You shouldn’t avoid it if you want to keep your business organised, prepared for tax, and budget appropriately. Many small business owners are multi-tasking masters who opt to do their own bookkeeping instead of outsourcing the services from professionals. But think of […]

15 Key Small Business Financial Ratios to Track

How is your business performing? Your answer should be based on rock-solid data and figures. We get it. Crunching the numbers and using financial ratios isn’t the exciting part of your business. Yet it’s necessary to ensure your business is financially healthy. You don’t want to grow in darkness and shoot aimlessly if you desire […]

Guide to Lodging Taxes for Small Businesses

If you’re a sole trader, partnership, or company in Australia, there are a few options for lodging your tax return. This guide explains the process and your options as a small business. The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) administers and collects taxes in Australia, though state government and revenue offices do so in some cases. The […]

Complete Guide to Business Reporting

Business reporting is the process of communicating financial and operational information about a business to stakeholders such as shareholders, creditors, and employees. This information is typically presented in financial statements, which show a business’s financial performance over a period of time. Business reporting is essential because it helps business owners and managers make informed decisions […]